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Vision Therapy


Conway’s Only Optometric Physician Vision Therapy Clinic

Glenda, our Vision Therapist, will work along side Dr. Barnes to provide superior

therapy and care for your child!

What if your child’s visual system is not working properly?

They might not realize that the examples below are not normal.

We can diagnose and treat your child’s vision problems all in one place!

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Diagnosing your child’s vision problem takes the right equipment and a knowledgeable optometric physician who has the proper training and understanding of the visual system. We have both of those in our clinic! Dr. Barnes has been an optometric physician for over 30 years. His experience and knowledge will pay dividends when solving your child’s vision issues. We understand the importance of your child’s vision and the impact it has on their life. We know that 80%-90% of what we learn comes through the visual system. Visual system deficiencies should not be taken lightly. The effect these vision deficiencies have on individuals ability to learn and develop can be crippling and catastrophic. We have in place in our clinic some of the most advanced technology to provide your child with exceptional care, your child’s future depends on it!



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